Friday and Saturday Sione and I went to a Trek Leader Training up at Martin’s Cove for the upcoming Family Trek that we are doing for our Liberty Girl Retreat this year. It was amazing. I did a lot of crying, which made me think we should have been warned to bring tissues, but ok. We also laughed, the senior missionaries who serve there are so fun! It really got me excited about this trek, and helped alleviate some of the fears I have had about whether I can make it, or not. We trekked 6 miles while we were there, and I got a nice little sunburn as part of the experience. If we don’t end up in a stake that does trek for my younger children who won’t really remember this, then I want to do this again for them when they are older. I am praying this will be as wonderful for them as I experienced this last weekend, if not better.

Collin did get his Arrow of Light last month, and it was great. Sione was able to come down a day early and be there for it, as well as Tarina’s birthday. Now I need to get him his uniform and book, etc. for the 11yo scouts, which he will be joining next week. Wow! I can hardly believe he is only 1 year away from becoming a deacon!

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  1. Ruth Silveira Says:

    The trek sounds like it’ll be wonderful! I went on a trek when I was in Young Women and it was awesome! And I can’t believe Collin is already 11. The kids are growing up so fast!

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