At Pack Meeting last week Collin was awarded his Webelos badge. Now we are working toward his Arrow of Light, which he is pretty close to finishing. Sione was asking Collin what the Webelos symbol meant, and they were joking around about it being a banana half peeled, or an ear of corn half shucked. They determined that it was a scout whose legs were stuck together. Then came the catch phrase “Webelos wobble, but they don’t fall down.” I couldn’t help laughing at that, although I don’t know that any of my children remember that commercial.
We have had quite a lot of ice skating going on in the past week. Last Wednesday the youth went ice skating for their combined activity. Thursday Collin and I went for his Knights of Freedom fieldtrip. Saturday the girls were invited to go along with their friends, which they did. Then yesterday I took Tarina, Collin, his friend Sully, and Alena to the rink. Julie opted not to go since she is saving up to pay for her ticket to the Youth classes at the Thomas Jefferson Education Forum and Family Ball. That did make it easier on me, since then I no longer needed to search for a sitter for the youngest three.  They have all enjoyed it quite a bit from what I can gather.  At least that’s what I take it to mean from their repeated queries for when we will go again, each time.  I’m glad they have enjoyed it, and I am looking forward to the Olympics and seeing if their interest in the skating sports has an added element to it.

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