Sione is commuting again. This time we are here in Salt Lake, and he is working in Saint George, though. I am more worried about him this time, since last time he was leaving us to go stay with family and was able to visit with friends while he was gone. Now we are with our friends and family, and he is down there alone.
I don’t know if it is just because I am rather busy right now, or if it is the familiarity of this set up, but it almost feels like my “other” normal or something like that. Part of me feels guilty that I am not more thrown off track by this, but part of me is glad that I am able to take it in stride. I definitely miss him and wish we weren’t going through this again. But we are, and I can choose to be miserable, and make my children miserable, and play the martyr, or I can choose to look for the good, the lessons, and be happy. I choose the happy side….. most of the time.

Stand for Something.

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