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Internet Finally!

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

I did not realize how integrated internet had become in my life. Finally having it back after not having it for a couple of weeks is very nice indeed. :)
Well, here we are. Back in the Salt Lake valley. It is so nice to be close to our family and friends again, although we do miss our friends that we had made in Cedar. We are still working at getting unpacked and settled in. We really like our new home. It has had some work done on the inside just before we moved in. The kitchen was redone, some new carpeting and paint in the rest of the house as well. It looks great. The yard is also beautiful. There are a lot of fruit trees and grape vines. I love to walk around and look at the fruit growing on them. We have a little garden started as well, and I am hoping for some yummy returns from these in the fall. There are also a lot of rose bushes, which I love. They are so pretty, and they smell great.
I am starting to look at doing yoga, walking, etc. to get back in shape. I have gained 15 pounds with this move. lol. Being the emotional eater that I am, and having stress as my trigger, I have not been treating my body right lately. Now that things are settling down a little I am emotionally taking some deep breaths and letting go of the stress. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Serenity Now! lol.
Faith is just growing leaps and bounds. She has had her first foods, now. She had banana as her official first food, although Losahina got a jump start on feeding her. I wait until my children are 6 months to feed them solids, and their first foods other than breast milk are bananas, sweet potatoes, avacados, things like that. The night before Losahina was officially 6 months old Losahina shared a chocolate chip cookie with her. Right in front of me, lol. Faith was sitting in my lap and I was talking to my brother and not really looking at what Losahina was doing. When I looked down Faith had her very own cookie that she was gumming! ROFL! I took it away and she looked at me as if she was saying “But I liked it! Why are taking it away?” The next day Losahina heard me say I was going to feed Faith a banana and while I was getting out the high chair and washing it down since it had been in storage she gave Faith a banana while she was on the floor. LOL. We cleaned that up and I did take pictures of Faith having her first Mom-approved solids. I will share them when I get a chance. Since then Faith has apparently decided she really likes to eat solids, and she has been starving all of the time. I feed her a couple of times a day and she is still nursing a LOT through the night and the day. Last night was a little better, so I think she is finishing with this growth spurt. She has also cut 2 teeth this week. My babies usually cut their first tooth closer to 9 months old. I am sad that she has already cut her first tooth. *sigh*
All in all it has been a very busy month for us, and I don’t see that June will be a whole lot different, other than the manner in which we are busy. I am working on putting together the Liberty Girl Retreat, which will be taking place on the 18th of June. I am praying that it will turn out the way I envision. I am so grateful for the help I am getting with this project. It is rather different this year than it has been in previous years. We’ll see how it turns out. I have decided that we are going to have our family vacation after the Retreat. We are going to vacation right here, and go see the sites around Salt Lake. We have been making our list of what tourist sites we want to see the most, and I am really looking forward to it.
I’ll try to do better with posting.
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