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A New Book Idea!

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Today Tevita gave me a new idea for a children’s book. Usborne books has a series of touchy feely books that start out with That’s Not My….. and then it names something like a monster, a princess, a dog, a car, etc. So here is my idea from Tevita:
That’s not my mommy! Her hair is too soft.
That’s not my mommy! Her nails are so shiny.
That’s not my mommy! Her skin is so smooth.
That’s my mommy! Her tummy is so bumpy.

Yup. Today as Tevita was resting his head against my belly he stood up and started feeling my belly with his hand and said “Mommy, your belly is sooo bumpy.” I just started laughing. Along with my oldest 3 who could enjoy knowing how that probably would make me feel if I was in denial of the fact. LOL. Then I started in with the book idea and we all laughed. I would have left it at that, so you have Julie to thank for telling me I should post it. It has given me a second chuckle as I wrote this, so I am glad I did.

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