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Computer Trouble

Friday, February 27th, 2009

I know it has been a little while since I last posted and I apologize. We haven’t purchased a new computer in I don’t know how many years, and Sione found a new computer for $300 that was “10 times better than our old one” according to him. It is MUCH faster, that is very apparent. Hopefully we are through with our computer troubles, at least for a while.

As updates go all of my children but one are sick right now. Alena is the one. Losahina had been giving kisses on the mouth to Faith, unnoticed until it was too late. Poor Faith is doing pretty well so far, but I hate hearing her cough. :( I have told all of the children they are not to kiss Faith on the mouth since she was born, and I had never seen Losahina do it before. *sigh* Losahina has been pretty miserable lately due to the cold, so I am not looking forward to the peak of this cold for Faith as well. Hopefully I will not get it so I will be at the top of my game while I am taking care of them.

Our ward is having a talent show in March, so my children have been brushing up on their polynesian dancing. I have been working on it some as well, but I’m not sure I am going to perform. 😉 The cutest moment so far was watching Julie try to teach Losahina how to dance to Sophisticated Hula. So sweet!

Collin received his Bear at Pack Meeting on Wednesday night. Now we can work on more of the arrow points and see what he can earn there before his birthday. I don’t like how long it has taken us for him to earn his Bear, so I think I will be a bit more aggressive with his Webelos. I took it easy with his Bear because his den leader asked me to, but I like to have things done earlier when I am not stressed about a deadline.

I read Atlas Shrugged recently and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I agreed with parts regarding the economy, but her relativism/objectivism really, really bothers me. It seems to be quite relevant today with all of the junk that President Obama is pulling. It was a very depressing book for me. Very 1984-esque in how I felt reading it, only with an ending that had hope. Now I am reading A Thomas Jefferson Education Home Companion.

Stand for Something.

This Is Great!

Monday, February 9th, 2009

My children loved this and wanted me to post it to my blog….for ease in watching it over and over again to distraction I think.  LOL.  I hope you like it.

Stand for Something.

Sweet Tooth

Friday, February 6th, 2009

Alena: Mom, what are you making?

Me: A lemon cake.

Alena: Why?

Me: To eat it.

Alena: But why?

Me: Because I have a sweet tooth and decided to bake a cake.

Alena: What is a sweet tooth?

Me: A sweet tooth makes you want sweet things that taste yummy like this cake.

Alena: Really?!?  I have a BUNCH of those!

Recent Reads

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Lately I have had a few bees in my bonnet. It has made for a pretty noisy bonnet.  It all started with a visit to Salt Lake around the middle of January.

My sister Ginger had me watch the stickman video by Leslie Householder with her.  It really got me thinking.  Then I was visiting my SIL who had her book The Jackrabbit Factor, and she let me borrow it.  I finished it within a day and it got me thinking even more.  She really liked the book The Dreamgiver, which she lent to me and as I read got me….well, you know.  I would highly recommend this video and these books to everyone.  I would love to discuss these ideas with people, too.  I have had some pretty good discussions already with a few people, and it fires me up even more.

I have also had an idea cross my mind that has me all excited.  I have 2 children who want violin lessons.  I have 3 children who want piano lessons (although I think Julie is at a place where she can continue to teach herself very well).  The cost for all of these lessons is a little prohibitive right now.  However….I got an idea!  My sister Ginger has taught violin before and my friend Emily has taught piano before.  I hadn’t been sure what I could do that would be what I considered a worthwhile proposition for a trade for these two fabulous women.  Then along came my idea.  I talked to both of them, and they are happy with the exchange as well.  What is my idea you ask?  I am going to do a little preschool in my home when we move back to SL,  and we will exchange their children attending for the lessons!  *GRIN*  And since I was thinking some excellent photography would be very nice indeed (it has been a few years since we have done a family picture) I asked my friend Tamra if she was interested.  I’m not sure she’s really sold on the idea, but I don’t want anyone to feel they aren’t getting a good deal so whatever she decides is fine.  I started out thinking I would just do a Joy School, but I decided that I wanted to look into putting together my own curriculum.  Not that I have anything against Joy School.  I think it is an amazing program.  But I didn’t know if I should register as a for profit Joy School, or pay for the other moms parts (in which case I might as well just pay for the lessons), or what I should do.  I want to be honest in all of my dealings, so I decided I wouldn’t do that after all.  Instead I have started reading books I own that are about preschool games and activites, along with preschool cookbooks (like Kinder Krunchies from Discovery Toys…Thanks Brandi) and I have been checking out books from the library.  The one I am currently devouring is Teaching Children Joy by Linda and Richard Eyre which started the whole Joy School thing.  I think I have their first version because it looks like their title is now Teaching Your Children Joy.  I have to say I love this book!  I *highly* recommend this book to every parent with children younger than five, and I still think it would be good for anyone whose children are older.  I already knew a lot of what is in here, but some I hadn’t thought about.  It has been a good reinforcement and reminder for those things I already knew about, and I have gotten excited about doing things to improve our home and make it more joyful, and more of a refuge.  All in all I am very excited about doing a preschool.  It still sounds funny to me when I say it.  I am having a hard time not thinking and planning for it, though.  I was surprised as I realize all of the supplies that I already have for it.  Things I bought for our homeschool that just didn’t quite work out for us to use regularly, or books that people gave to me for free because I homeschool, but it didn’t quite fit in with what I was doing with my children.  Or even things that I do use, but go right along with this as well.  I even made up an inventory of all of the Core Phase books that we own that I felt would be great for different lessons and activities.  Every now and then I have also played with the idea that I could see how it goes for a semester or a year with my friends children and see if I wanted to do it for money, too.  I’m still not sure about that one, but it pops into my bonnet now and again.  :)

See?  And that isn’t even all!  My bonnet has had quite a few bees buzzing around in there.

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