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Time Flies

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

Today was the first day of the two day Knights of Freedom Summit in St. George.  I am really feeling the end of this pregnancy now, and I must admit to avoiding picking things up off of the ground, walking at any semblance of a fast pace, or really anything more than I need to while we were there.  As we were driving home I just let myself feel the mild awe that we are at October 17th.  I had been thinking of how close I would be to having Faith join us when we got to the St. George Summit, and here we are.  I am just over 2 weeks away from my due date.  Wow!  I have only ever gone over my due date by 3 days at the most, and I have only gone over twice.  My goal would be 2 weeks from tomorrow… We’ll see how that works out.  :)  I have started the 5 week formula, albeit I did start it a couple of weeks late.  I have only been taking it for 2 days now.  I haven’t ever taken this formula before, so I am interested to see if it seems to make any difference for me. 

There has been a lot going on here.  No surprise there, I suppose, since that seems to be how I keep things going.  It has given me a lot of things I have wanted to post about, but didn’t give me much time to post them.  One of the things I have really wanted to post about is how grateful I am for the wonderful support and love I receive from my family and friends.  I have recently heard about different people struggling with animosity, hostility, and down right lies toward them and their families because of choices such as homeschooling.  I have been truly blessed to have had very open and understanding family and friends who cared enough to find out more about why and what, and while they may not have felt it was right for them (which is fine), they respect the fact that my husband and I didn’t make these decisions lightly, and sought the Spirit’s guidance before making our final choice. 

Stand for Something.

Biggest Loser Addicts

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

We have been watching this season’s Biggest Loser show as a family.  The kids are as excited to catch it as I am.  I find this show so inspiring as I watch the contestants work so hard.  I hate watching at the end when someone gets booted out because I have seen them all work so hard and I am so excited for them to be making such wonderful improvements in their health.  I am so glad that they show where they are now at the end.  I was really worried about the dad that got voted off last week, and was amazed and relieved by how well he has done when he got home.  The same goes for the other 2 teams that were voted off before that.  I get so excited by the progress they are making.  I really hope they have a spring season of the Biggest Loser to help me get excited about getting fit once my body has finished healing from the birth. 

The funny thing about this is that when we went to pack meeting last week they had a buddy game where we had to find different people who could sign off different things like “a person who has the same hair color as you” or “A person who can count to 10 in a foreign language.”  There was one that said “a person who has the same favorite tv show as you.”  I couldn’t help laughing as I listened to Alena telling one of the moms that her favorite show was the Biggest Loser.  Of course the mom’s amazed response was great, too.  Collin just came up to me and said “Mom, will you sign the tv one since we both love the Biggest Loser?”  I hadn’t really thought about how funny that is that my children love that show.  Of course it is really the only tv we watch…. so I guess it being the only choice for them would make it their favorite by default.  LOL.  I think it makes a better choice than Hannah Montana or other current options it could have been. 

Well, I’ve gotta go so we can eat dinner before the Biggest Loser starts!

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This and That

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

Sunday was the Primary Program in our ward.  Each of my children who are Primary age had a little part to recite.  With everything going on I wasn’t sure if I would actually have time to help them memorize their part, and knowing that they could either read it or have someone whisper it to them was not motivating me to make it a priority, I must admit.  The Sunday before I just thought I would spend a few minutes with each child to help them out a bit, and see what we could do.  They each got it memorized except Tevita, and he became comfortable with saying his.  They all did great Sunday and Tevita got a little chuckle out of the congregation as he said his part.  His line was “I show my family I love them by giving them big hugs,” which he helped come up with.  Now he looooves to give “bighugs” in his words.  Nope, I didn’t forget a space.  He always says it as one word, and very emphatically at that.  Add in his way of saying things and I think the phonetic way to say it would be something like BIDhuds!  With the exclamation point.  So he said the whole sentence completely normal until he got to big hugs, which he said the way he does.  I loved it.  :) 

I had a midwife appointment on Monday.  I am 35 weeks and 2 days today.  Getting closer all of the time.  lol.  Everything checked out well.  I’m measuring right on, no extra glucose or protien, good blood pressure, Faith’s heart rate was 160, and she is ROA (head down, in a good position).  All in all things are looking good.  I really like my midwife, and Sione does as well.  He is going to my appointments with me because she lives in St. George and we have our appointments at her house.  I catch a ride with him into his work and help out with office work or sit and read while I am waiting for either the appointment or to go home.  He only works half days in St. George on Mondays because he has to get on the road to go to Salt Lake for Tuesday through Thursday.  Julie watches the kids at home, and we have half days for that day.  So far it has been 2 times.  My next appointment is in 2 weeks, and then I will be going to once a week appointments until Faith arrives.  I am aiming for November 1st.  Well, aiming as well as I can.  I keep telling her to stay head down and to come on November 1st.  We’ll see how well she listens.  😉

As part of kidschool in the mornings the oldest three have been practicing penmanship by copying down sayings or poems into composition notebooks.  They look forward to seeing what I write on the whiteboard before we start devotional in the morning, and they start doing the copy work after we have read our scriptures and I read from the Book of Mormon Stories to the younger three.  I have noticed that Julie and Collin fly through it, and get it done as fast as they can.  Tarina takes her time.  When we started it I explained that we were doing this as an opportunity for them to improve their handwriting.  I knew that each of them had been thinking about wanting to do that recently.  I think they are all improving, but Tarina has shown marked improvement and I am very proud of her.  After Book of Mormon Stories I read an article from the Friend, and then an exerpt from the Book of Virtues.  This past week I read this article from the Friend that was perfect timing for my children.  It’s about a girl not liking her own handwriting and finding inspiration when she hears that President Heber J. Grant had a similar problem, and put in the work to improve it.  Tarina is always still doing her copy work as I read from the Friend, and this day was no different.  But as I read this article she stopped and watched me as she listened.  When I finished the article she turned back to working on the saying.  I think it was a wonderful article for her to hear, especially as she was working on that exact same thing as I read it.  How neat! 

I have been trying to decide if I will take a break from my economics books to read something else.  I want to read Shakespeare’s Julius Ceasar this month to discuss with my sister Ginger, who will be leading a book discussion on it at a book club.  I want to read Educating Zion, which my older sister gave to me a while ago and I want to lend to Ginger for when her book club discusses it in April.  I want to read the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People because it has been popping into my head a lot this past week, and that makes me think I should pull it out.  And after that wonderful Relief Society Broadcast I feel drawn to reread Women of Covenant The Story of Relief Society.  But with the bail out bill and everything else going on I also want to keep working on learning more about why we are where we are at, and what the best way to protect your family is.  I finished Crash Proof today, and picked up Peddling Prosperity.  I’ve decided that if I start to feel that it isn’t worth the read I will go to one of the others I mentioned above.  Otherwise I will go to them after I finish it. 

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