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Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Last Friday my parents and my brother Donald were in a car accident.  While on a trip to California for a family reunion my dad drifted off the road while he was driving.  He can’t remember if he was reaching for a drink of water that was awkward to reach for, or if he fell asleep.  My sister Ginger who was driving in the car behind could only watch helplessly as it happened.  She tried honking her horn, but my dad didn’t hear it.  From what I understand Donald has a fat lip, and possibly a bruised hand, along with other minor bruising.  My dad has a bruise from the seat belt, and possibly some cracked or broken ribs, and other minor bruising.  My mom has a concussion, a chipped ankle bone, she bit her lip, cheek, and tongue, and has other cuts and bruises.  When the accident happened she lost consciousness.  My sister Ginger pulled over right away, and she and her husband Marcio, and my sister Heather ran down to the car.  My mom couldn’t breathe because she was unconscious and the seat belt was choking her.  Marcio kicked, smashed and tore at the windshield with his hands until he was able to reach her and lift her up enough to let her breathe.  By the time he was able to get to her she had turned blue, then purple, then grey.  We figure he saved her life.  They had to use the jaws of life to get my mom out of the car (it was on it’s side leaning against two trees), and they life flighted her to the hospital in Reno.  She is still in the hospital.  The last I heard she is still dealing with memory and confusion problems due to the concussion, and she is having some problems with mobility.  Heather re-injured her ankle when she ran down to the car, and Marcio does have minor cuts from his hero work.  My dad said he hadn’t even felt tired.  That he felt completely alert, and remembers checking his mirrors and thinking what a nice trip it was.  The next thing he knew he was waking up as the soft shoulder grabbed the tires of the car and he slid down the steep embankment.  At that point there was nothing he could do.  I am so grateful that they were wearing seat belts, and the airbags deployed properly.  I am grateful that with everything that happened it wasn’t more serious. 

I had been up in Salt Lake when this happened because of the Liberty Girl Retreat.  I was packed and I was just waiting for Collin to come back upstairs and we were going to go, when I got the first call that told me what had happened.  We stayed an extra night, but then felt we should come home, as I didn’t know what more we could do up there, and the reports were sounding like it was all turning out ok.  We are going back up today to help get my parents home ready for my mom if they release her.  She has a hospital bed in a spare room, but it needs to be cleaned off, and we will need to see about getting a ramp in place so she won’t have any stairs to climb.  Things like that. 

A couple of hours before this all happened, I did something I have never done before.  I found out what we are having this pregnancy.  Tamra took me to Fetal Studios, and I was told by the ultrasound technician that she is 300% sure we are having a girl.  I have a boys name, but no girls names.  Any ideas? 

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Happy Birthday, T-Bone!

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Ahh!  My sweet Tevita is has turned 4 years old today.  We celebrated his birthday with Sione’s since we weren’t sure Sione would be home today.  We are still doing a cake and giving him one more present today.  He has been pretty cute about it, although I couldn’t figure out how to give him a mustache like he asked for.  I know, I know, there are costumes, but it isn’t October and they are not easy to find….if I had the time to really look beyond Walmart.  I keep thinking Target may have it, but that is down in St. George, and I have to admit that I like how little I have to gas up as I run my few errands around our little town.  Tevita has also not wanted to admit he is 4 now.  He didn’t agree to being 3 before, so I can’t say I am very surprised.  He has told me he is 2 and 50 and 9.  Why he picked 2 or 50 I have no idea.  I think the 9 is because Collin is 9.  I really think the main reason is because he is my little Peter Pan.  He just does not want to grow up.  He keeps telling me he isn’t a big boy, he’s still a baby.  I want to start singing that song I learned in elementary school for our Peter Pan play.  “I won’t grow up, I don’t want to go to school.  Just to learn to be a parrot, and recite a silly rule!”  Yup, that’s my boy.  :)

We went to the park again today.  I really love how often we have been getting out.  Even though it means I have gotten too much sun twice now, LOL.  Today I got my face, one arm, and one of my legs (I was wearing capris).  My leg is complaining.  Probably because I never let my legs see sunlight, lol.  I got these capris one or two pregnancies ago with the intent to wear them semi-frequently, but I can count on one hand how often I did.  The reason I am wearing them more often now is because I have only found part of my maternity wardrobe.  In other words, I have 2 pair of pants I can wear at the moment, and one pair are these capris.  Hopefully I haven’t been blinding people, and I can find my other clothes before my legs become as red as lobsters.  I know I could put on sunscreen, but that would require forethought.  Maybe I will learn my lesson and I will think of that before I leave the house.  We’ll see.  :)

I know that I always seem to add more to my plate than I mean to.  I am working on not doing that down here, although I am finding it hard to not just jump in.  As people meet me and find out how many children we have (in the ward, I haven’t really come across that with the homeschoolers) more often than not I hear “Boy, you have your hands full!” or “I bet that keeps you busy!”  And it has put me to thinking.  Aren’t we told to be anxiously engaged in a good cause?  And what cause is better than our family?  It is the only eternal unit, right?  I may me busy, but I love my busy.  I am anxiously engaged in a divinely eternal cause, which I know should be my number one priority.  I know that I have plenty of times when I have gotten a little side tracked doing a good or a better and not the best, as Elder Oaks put it in General Conference, but I am working on it.  I have to say that I was born, like Nephi, to goodly parents, who showed my by example that of all the things in the world to spend your time and money on, your family is the best and can bring you the most joy.  Thanks Mom and Dad. 

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Happy Birthday Sione!

Monday, June 9th, 2008

My sweet husband is celebrating his birthday today.  He asked for new shoes, and we picked them up for him yesterday as we went on a date to the new Indiana Jones movie.  Yesterday he also woke me up playing the 2 Michael Buble cds he bought for me while I was up in Salt Lake this week.  :)  What a sweet husband!  I have to admit, though, that I think Julie is getting more enjoyment out of the cds than I am.  I can say that since after that first listen up in my room she has confiscated them and has been listening to them in the kitchen practically nonstop ever since.  LOL.

Losahina has been talking up a storm lately!  If I ask or tell her to do something she doesn’t want to do she looks at me with her eyebrows drawn down and tells me very sternly “I tan’t!”  And if I send her to get something and she doesn’t want to go get it she just looks at me with a helpless expression and tells me “Tan’t fine it!”  It makes it pretty hard not to laugh and smile while I work on this latest development.  She has been using pretty big sentences really well.  Maybe they just seem that way because I think she is more understandable than T-Bone sometimes.  The other day she had my cell phone and was looking at a picture of herself on it.  This happens to be one of her favorite past times, but one I don’t let her do very often.  She was between Sione and myself, and she was telling us about the baby in the picture and then she said “iss mine!”  I told Sione that everything was hers according to her, and Sione asked her “Is everything yours?” to which Losahina replied “Yes!  Mine!”  Sione got a kick out of that.  She is quite the character.  She fits right in here, I guess.

Yesterday for our date we also stopped at the DI to see if we could get some tennis rackets for a good price.  Sione only found one racket, and it wasn’t in good enough shape to buy, but I found books.  :)  We bought Future Shock by Alvin Toffler, The Borrowers, The Railway Children, the 5th Anne of Green Gables book, Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey, Charlie’s Monument, a You Be The Detective book for the kids, and some books for Sione.   All for only just over $6!   Gotta love that!

T-Bone’s birthday is coming up on Wednesday, and I was asking him what he wanted for his birthday.  His answer was a mustache.  This is the boy who was very upset with me the last time I cut his hair because I cut off his “sideburns.”  I haven’t cut his hair again because I am trying to figure out how to cut his hair while leaving him some sideburns without it looking ridiculous.  Now he wants a mustache.  We tried asking him if he wanted a chocolate milk mustache, or a chocolate shake mustache, but no those won’t do.  And then he told me he wanted it to be blue.  I’m afraid he will be disappointed this birthday. 

Julie returned from Con-Con a little emotional this year.  She was part of a small group of youth at the simulation who were trying for a monarchy.  Now I was rather surprised at this, and I am planning a government course this year for her as well as Tarina where I can cover things that I haven’t covered yet.  The group was confused as to what a monarchy was, which surprised me.  As I talked with Julie on the way back what they wanted was not a monarchy.  They didn’t even have a king, they had a president.  And the president was voted in.  And there were still the house and senate, from what I understand.  In fact they didn’t have just 3 branches of government for checks and balances, they had four.  But because they constantly and frequently called for a monarchy their ideas were not very welcomed by the rest of the group.  I had to have a discussion with Julie on the way back about what a monarchy was.  She kept saying a “true monarchy” had checks and balances and was almost exactly like a republic.  And I would say no, a monarchy was a king or a queen ruling.  She would declare that to be a tyranny.  I would explain that tyranny was how someone ruled, not how the government was set up.  I would use King Benjamin, and Kind Noah and his priests (which I pointed out might have been like having a senate or something).  I brought up the point that King George had a House of Commons as well as a Parliamentary, and they still ruled tyrannically over the colonies.  Finally my brain kicked in a little better and I was able to tell her that the root words of monarchy were one ruling.  So this year we will be discussing the latin/greek roots of the different governmental terms, as well as how those governments are set up and how they run.  I think she still mainly had a good time, and more importantly that she learned a lot, and learned that she also still has a lot to learn.

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Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

Not that I have anything coming up that brings me hope of getting any of these, but I have been building one in my mind as I unpack.

Michael Buble CDs (That’s right.  He is currently my favorite music artist.  Here is his channel at youtube to check out his stuff.  We like all of his videos here.  I can’t embed any of his videos or I would share one of them now.)

A Blender.  I just never seem to pick one up.

Some new homeschool books.  Actually I will be getting some of these, I just need to finalize my wish list on this one.

A new haircut.

Some new mascara and lip balm from Mary Kay.  Oh, and some eye makeup remover.

A new computer, or at least some memory sticks that I can save all of my info on.


A clone of myself.

Some new pregnancy clothes.  I was unpacking what I have and some of them are warn out, darn it.  Well what do I expect when they were hand-me-downs in the first place.  :)  They have been good to me.

Another bookcase.  Actually When we were unloading the books my husband said one of the sweetest sounding sentences to me.  “It looks like we need another bookcase.”  Aaahhhh! music to my ears! 

Well, I guess that does it for now.  Although Sione was feeling underarmed as the Elders Quorum discussed an upcoming activity Sunday.  I guess they are going to the shooting range and they were asking everyone what firearms they had.  My husband felt that what we have is inadequate.  LOL.  I guess that is something we will be looking at.  :)

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