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Friday, May 30th, 2008

Boy, does time fly when you have too much to do!  LOL!  With just over 2 weeks before the Liberty Girl Retreat I still have plenty I need to be getting done for that.  I am also still trying to unpack dishes and clothes.  One of my bookshelves had a bit of a break down during the move, but Sione is planning on nailing it back together this Saturday.  Once he gets that done I can finish unpacking my books.  The other 3 bookshelves are all unpacked very nicely.  Because of course books come before clothing and dishes….haha.  To be honest I have been working on the clothing and the dishes longer.  The books were just more fun, and helped me reach the others easier without having heavy boxes of books in the way.  I have to admit it was a little hard deciding which of my books would have to stay in boxes for a little longer.  It was like deciding which friends could come out of storage and which would have to stay behind.  At least they will all be out in the fresh air by Sunday.

Our new fridge has a door in need of help.  It won’t stay closed.  I don’t particularly care for warm milk, so it bothers me.  We figured out that by pushing the kitchen garbage can in front of the fridge door that it will stay closed.  I thought of duct tape first, but I don’t know where any is.  😛 

After about 4 or 5 trips to the post office I think we have it worked out so our mail will be delivered to our community box that I have a key to open.  I hope.  I really don’t want to keep going back.  Not that the postal employees seem like anything but nice, I just am not a big fan of lines.  I don’t have the patience for it usually.  Lines are something that I consider a waste of time, unless I have something to do, something to read, or someone to talk to while I wait. 

Tevita has got me wondering if he has a future in gymnastics.  He loves to jump off of things and land with both hands in the air and say “yes!”  Even if the jump is just off of the bottom stair.  It seems like he is “sticking the landing” and doing that little salute gymnasts do.  We did catch about 5 minutes of a gymnastics meet on TV the other day.  That is probably where he got it.  It is just so funny to see.

Losahina’s vocabulary has just exploded.  It is so fun to talk to her.  Listening to her answers gives me the feeling that she is going to be quite the competition for Alena as she gets older.  As long as they don’t get upset that the other is taking their “air time” I think they will get along really well. 

I am getting used to having a gas range again.  It has been a long time.  Over 9 years now.  There is always a smell of gas when the oven or a stove burner start up, and I always worry that the oven didn’t light.  I have to keep checking until I feel heat to make sure that everything is ok. 

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Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Here we are in our new home.  It has been a completely new experience for me, moving so far from family, friends, and those I know.  The neighborhood is very quiet, since this is mainly a retirement area, apparently.  Not a lot of kids around.  The neighbors are very nice and welcoming, though.  One of them came over and was telling me how there were a few homes in the neighborhood that were owned by people who live in California and only come here for a couple of weeks out of the year and what a quiet neighborhood it was.  I laughed and told her it wouldn’t be so quiet anymore.  I’m not sure how she felt about that.  :) Not that my kids really are that loud….usually.  But they are kids.  :)  I need to find where I packed the camera, and I will work at getting some pictures of our home, and the wonderful view we have as soon as I can. 

Gotta go, we have movies due back at the library today, and I need to visit the post office to see if we can get our key yet.  Yes, I found the library within the first few days and I already have a card.  Who can survive without books?

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Check Out This Video

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008 

I tried e-mailing it to people, but I apparently don’t have updated info in my address book for some of the folks I was trying to send it to, so if you didn’t get it maybe you were one of them.  Sorry.

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Upward Climb

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  I hope it isn’t just a flashlight someone dropped.  LOL.  I am by no means as done with packing as I had hoped to be at this point, but I still feel like we will be able to finish packing without it being me throwing everything in boxes as people load them onto the moving van.  I also feel like my morning sickness is on its way out for this pregnancy.  I don’t have an appetite, but that is normal for me and lasts the whole pregnancy.  My constant nausea is not so constant anymore, though, which is what gives me hope.  In fact as I write this I don’t feel sick to my stomach.  Yay!  I am hoping this is not just a heaven sent reprieve to help with the move, and that the morning sickness will pick up again once it is done.  If it is, though, I will be forever grateful for the reprieve. 

I had better go pack some more boxes.

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