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9 Years Old

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Yesterday Collin turned 9.  It’s hard to believe that just nine years ago I held him so new in my arms.  Our first boy, he has always been very fun.  He always has a huge smile, and loves to be rough-housing around.  He loves babies.  Whenever he gets a chance he will hold and walk a baby around.  When Alena was born he would love her so much that we needed to rescue her sometimes.  I was going through some of Alena’s baby pictures with her the other day, and we have a couple where Collin was pretending to be sleeping with her during one of her naps.  He was laying next to her with his arm around her and his eyes are closed.  You can tell he is pretending because he still has a huge grin on his face.  When he was about 2 years old he started following his dad around when he was home.  If Sione was out fixing a sprinkler head in the front yard, Collin was right there with him trying to be like his dad.  His first pictures that he drew were of Uncle Dave, Dad and Collin changing the oil in the van.  When he got his first tool set he was so excited.  Now I think he has more tools than his dad, and whenever anyone needs a tool we call for Collin and ask him to get us what we need.  He almost always knows exactly where it is and will bring it on the run.  Now he loves to draw his own comic books.  He draws Spiderman comics, and makes up his own scenarios where Spiderman is battling the evil villains.  He has also always been very generous.  When he would get a treat he has always been good about sharing it evenly with everyone without even being asked to do so.  He just likes to share.  He is such a great boy and brings so much to our family.  I am so grateful for him, and for being blessed to be his mom.  Happy Birthday Collin!

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Proud as Punch

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

Last week was the Freedom Bowl that AYLI put on.  Julie was on a team with 3 other youth who were 12 and 13.  There were a total of 5 teams competing in their age group, and the prizes were a full scholarship for Constitutional Convention Simulation (worth $150) for each team member for 1st place, $100 scholarship to Con Con for each team member for 2nd place, and $50 scholarship for each team member for 3rd place.  As a daughter of an AYLI officer (me – as Liberty Girl Liaison) Julie was not eligible to receive an actual scholarship if her team won, but she wanted to take part, and I was more than happy for her to learn the plentiful information about the founding of our nation.  I was really sick last weekend with morning sickness, and I wasn’t able to make it to any part of the event, which broke my heart.  They set it up so that each team played against every other team, and the teams each scored points in each round for the questions they answered.  The highest points at the end of all 5 rounds would win.  Julie called me later in the afternoon to let me know that her team had tied with another team for 1st place, and there would be a run-off match to determine who got 1st, and who got 2nd.  I really wanted to be there, so I was trying to get myself ready to go.  When she called again I was in the shower, and didn’t get to the phone in time.  When I called back the phone she had used to call me on was one of her teammate’s mom’s phone, and they had already left.  She asked me if I wanted to hear the news right then, or if I wanted to wait to hear from Julie.  I decided to wait and let Julie tell me.  I had called my husband, my sister, and my parents to let them know that her team had come in either 1st or 2nd.  Either one was so exciting to me.  My sister Ginger and her husband came out and helped me plan a little party for her for when she got home.  When she came home she told us that her team had placed 1st, and she showed us her medal and her certificate.  I am so proud of her!  She was so excited, which is understandable, and so was I.  She called her dad, and we had a party with brownies, ice cream, popcorn, and a movie.  Sione still hasn’t been able to see the medal, since he has been away for business for almost a solid 2 weeks.  He is supposed to come home tonight (my fingers are crossed that something else won’t get in the way of his coming home).  We all miss him so much. 

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What is RARE about?

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

I was thinking about how I hadn’t really explained what RARE stands for.  A few years back I was listening to Dr. Oliver DeMille speak at the ldshea convention (latter day saint home education association.  Unaffiliated with the LDS Church).  He gave a speech which was titled Aristotle’s Book of Mormon.  The theme of this speech was that we have been raised in a society where we judge all knowledge and any new information based on the Aristotilian method.  Prove it to me.  We even have a state whose motto is “the show me state.”  We look at everything this way.  Even religion.  In our LDS culture we hear many people talking about how they have heard that this was found, or that was discovered that proves the validity of the Book of Mormon.  Sure, it’s nice to hear these things.  What it comes down to though, is what is my core truth.  How do I know things?  Do I know things because they have been proven to me?  Or do I know things because I have prayed for and received verification through the Spirit?  The title of his talk was a play on the fact that people don’t even realize that they are judging the Book of Mormon on what Aristotle said was required to verify truth.  What we should be doing is judging Aristotle, and everything else by the way, on what the Spirit tells us.  Brigham Young said that we should not even teach the multiplication tables without the Spirit.  We are taught that the Spirit testifies the truthfulness of all things.  Do we believe that?  Do we look for worldly verification of things that come up in our lives or do we look to our loving Heavenly Father who knows everything, loves us beyond what we could ever comprehend, and will never lie to us or lead us astray?  I am striving to raise my children to search for truth from the Spirit in all things.  In his talk Dr. DeMille called it Restoration Education, or an education based on those teachings of the Restoration of the Gospel. 

After hearing him speak on this I came up with the name for our homeschool.  Robinson Academy of Restoration Education, or RARE Academy.  Because I am working to give my children a rare education.

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Monday, April 7th, 2008

Sorry for my silence.  Among the normal routine of life that keeps my hands full I have also been dealing with morning sickness.  Yup, I’m pregnant.  :)  We are happy about adding number seven to our family.  I am due November 3rd, so I am 10 weeks into (or 1/4 of the way through) my pregnancy.  We are also moving.  Sione got an offer we couldn’t refuse to be manager of a medical supply company in St. George.  We are looking at homes down in southern Utah, and we are working with someone to sell this home.  I can’t handle the thought of trying to put this home on the market again.  Trying to keep the house clean while homeschooling and dealing with morning sickness is more than I am up to right now.  So we have someone who wants to buy it to fix up a bit and sell it.  Our carpets are in pretty bad shape, and the walls need a good job done on them as well.  My landscaping is rather boring, too, but I don’t know if he is going to bother with that.  Oh well, I’ll leave that up to him.  All I care about is that it should all be taken care of without us having to worry about double house payments or any of that.

Julie is getting ready to compete in the Freedom Bowl that AYLI is putting on for the youth to compete for scholarships to go to the Constitutional Convention Simulation.  There are 2 competitions that this group called Roots of Freedom put on.  One is the Liberty Bowl, and the other is the Constitution Bowl.  They are doing the Liberty Bowl this year.  She is on a team with 3 other youth ages 12-13.  The age categories are for youth 12-13 and youth 14-18.  The winning teams from both divisions get to go for free.

I will try to do better posting.

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