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Peeping Through

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

The past two days have held something thrilling for me.  I have gone looking in my flower bed and seen some of my bulbs starting to push up through the ground.  Yesterday I simply looked, and softly touched them.  I guess to help myself realize they were really there.  Little green shoots of hope.  Today while I waited for Julie to finish getting ready for yet another mock trial practice I went outside and started doing a little weeding and clean up in my front yard.  I had Tarina and Collin with me as I did this.  It was such a sweet thing for me to hear them running here and there exclaiming over the bulbs they were finding peeping through.  Now that the hard work and the blister are nothing more than distant memories, I am happy to look forward to what the result will be.  I have been dreaming of my bulbs coming up off and on for a few weeks now.  On the one hand it has been a nice break from my nightly dreams of mock trial.  On the other hand it has caused me to be a little more impatient with all the snow we have been blessed with than I think I normally am.  I am getting anxious to get out in my yard and get to work.  Feeling the warmth of the sun on my back as I get the dirt stuck further and further under my fingernails and in the cracks and creases of my hands.  I hope my yard is beautiful this year.  Full of color and variety.  Full of the wonder that I feel when I see Heavenly Father’s creations springing forth to bring a smile to my face.

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