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The Bronze Bow

Sunday, December 16th, 2007

This last Thursday we had a colloquium at Statesmanship Club on The Bronze Bow.  I really liked this book.  It really gave insight into what the Jews were going through at the time of Christ.  It gave me more understanding as to why some had a hard time accepting Christ as the Messiah.  They were looking for a vengeful Messiah who would come free them from the tyranny of the Romans.  They were searching for one who would come and help them fight their oppressors, not one who would tell them that if they were compelled to walk with a man for a mile then go with him twain.  I read this book to my family and we all really liked it.  It is written as a book for the young adult age group, like Julie’s.  I highly recommend this book.

Stand for Something.

Focus On The Founders Event

Sunday, December 9th, 2007

A week ago yesterday we had our annual Focus on the Founders event.  This was my second year being the event manager and I had been thinking there needed to be some changes, but I wasn’t sure how open to changes the president of AYLI would be.  She brought the idea up to me first.  We discussed it some after the event, but I had to run to our ward Christmas party.  Then this week has been pretty busy, so we just talked a bit during Statesmanship Club on Thursday.  I am excited about the changes we discussed, at the same time I could see some of the younger children might be dissappointed.  But only temporarily.  Because we are still finalizing ideas I am not going to go into specifics right now.  I do think the changes are good, and that it will make this event better, and much more interest for the older ages…. And shorter.  :)  That is a plus!

Stand for Something.