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Mentors, Not Professors

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

This is the second Key of Quality Education.  A professor/expert instructs in his knowledge/expertise, and basically just wants the students to show that they have learned those things he wanted them to learn from the perspective that he wanted them to learn it. Regurgitation of facts.  A mentor takes a student one on one to know where their unique mission lies, and assists them in learning what they need to accomplish it.  A mentor helps them overcome weaknesses, strengthen strengths, and realize talents.   A mentor is willing to put in the hard work to study and learn about something they don’t know about if that is what is needed for the student’s mission. 

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Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

My sister Wendy married her long-time boyfriend/fiancee Tom last night.  We are all so happy for them, and are thrilled that it has finally happened.  I am SOOOO glad that they were able to marry for Time and All Eternity in the Jordan River Temple.  There were plenty of happy tears and hugs to go around, and I think a little shock as well.  :)  But what a wonderful shock! 

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Classics, Not Textbooks

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

Oliver DeMille has given us an outline of 8 Keys of Quality Education for Thomas Jefferson Education.  Classics, not Textbooks is key #1.  What this means is if you want a dumbed down education, by all means focus your learning on the dumbed down textbooks available today.  If, however, you want to have a world class education, if you want to really know what Plato, Newton, Darwin, or Dewey said, go to the source.  Go to the original…the Classic.  There are classics in every field.  They may not be books.  There is no rule that declares a classic must be read.  Even people are classics.  I would say every person is a classic.  In reading Machiavelli’s The Prince recently, I was impressed with his obvious value for this exact key.  Instead of just carte blanche accepting someone else’s view of what a great thinker meant when he wrote something, I want to study what they wrote and decide for myself what I think they meant.  We all bring our own world view and agenda to the table when we read or study something.  What you get out of any given sentence could be entirely different than what I get out of it.  The wonderful thing about it is that we can each get out of the same sentence what we need at that time.  That is an important part of why Classics, not Textbooks is such a vital part to a quality education.  It is part of what teaches us how to think instead of what to think.  I want my children and myself to know how to think.

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Settling In Again

Monday, August 13th, 2007

Now that we are staying again, I have a heightened desire to take care of things I want done around our home.  I am working more on our yard than I have for a while.  Without the stress of “curb appeal” for potential buyers.  I really want to plant a bunch of bulbs this fall to fill in the front yard this coming spring.  I love tulips, but the deer love them, also.  Do I really want to plant them, just so the deer can come have a feast before I get to see them fully bloom?  I am definitely planning on daffodils.  I need to look into other bulbs to see what I like, and what the deer don’t.  My sweet neighbor has promised me some starts from her yard as they become available.  I am also hoping to get my vegetable garden area prepared this fall so come spring I can plant some fruits and veggies. 

We are also planning on having people over for dinner.  We always wanted to invite peole, but we never followed through and that has always bothered me.  I want the kids to have some more people in the neighborhood that they can play with and talk to.  I have missed having a relationship with my neighbors that I had with those at our last house.  I have missed having those relationships for our children as well.  I get so caught up in my little world that I forget to reach out to our neighbors.  I need to work on that.

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Off The Market

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

We have officially taken our home off the market.  It is disappointing that it did not sell, because that is what we were aiming for when we put it up, but it is also a relief that we are taking it off now.  I can get back to focusing on our family instead of focusing on the house.  It has been nice to just let things go when I need to and not be in emotional turmoil because of it.  It is also really nice to be settling again.  By settling I mean getting back into the community feel of my life.  I had distanced myself from all of the community things I have been doing, and that was hard for me.  Now I am getting involved again, although in different ways.  I relinquished Liberty Girls and I am not taking that up again…. at least not right now.  I have become a co-advisor for Knights of Freedom (Collin got dropped from the group he was in due to some miscommunication, so he is in a new group now), and I am also a co-advisor for Statesmanship Club now that Julie will be going there.  Julie and Tarina will both still be in YASA, and I have Alena on the waiting list for a Liberty Girls group that my friend Brandi is advising.  I do love Liberty Girls and I am having a hard time realizing I am not involved with it right now.  I am feeling the need to reach that point with all of the groups that are part of AYLI, though.  I am excited to learn more about KOF and Statesmanship Club and really now how they work.  I am also going to be the Focus on the Founders event manager again this year.  Again, I am excited to be doing this again.  I love being a part of getting things done and learning how to do things like this.  My biggest problem is getting my fingers in too many pies….Is that the right saying?  I feel confident that I can handle this load, but I don’t know how much of that is just being happy to be part of it all again.  Who knows, maybe I will just lay down and die on that walk tomorrow and this will all be moot.  :) 

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Biting Off More Than I Can Chew

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

I did that just last night.  I have been wanting to go walking for a couple of months now.  Just get going and get a good work out in, KWIM?  Well last night I went with a couple of ladies in my neighborhood for a walk.  They are part of a group that goes walking 3 times a week.  The route is up the canyon from us and is rather hilly and on a dirt road.  And they go fast.  I know that I was slowing them down, and I felt bad about it, but I thought I was going to die in the first 5 minutes.  Thankfully it got easier, or I got used to it, or both because I didn’t die.  And I did not stop the whole way.  Thankfully the last half is downhill.  Of course the scary part is that they walked the “short shaggy” for me last night.  What if they decide on the “long shaggy”  Thursday?  Will I make it?  I need that support group of other women for me to keep this up, so I am not going to quit.  I just need to be like the abominable snowman in that Kris Kringle show where he just puts “one foot in front of the other,” right? 

Speaking of biting off more than one can chew, Tevita did that yesterday as well.  I was at the store and the heavenly smell of fresh, hot french bread was wafting toward me as I headed for the check out.  I couldn’t pass it up.  I grabbed some.  We got home and dove into the delicious loaf.  Tevita shoved so much in his mouth he was having some serious choking issues.  Thankfully he got it all worked out, and was able to eventually get it all down.  How long does this last?  He doesn’t do it all of the time, just often enough for me wonder when it will end.

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