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Friday, June 8th, 2007

My dear husband inadvertently crashed my our computer the other day.  He came down to dinner saying rather casually that he thought he had fried our computer, and he hoped that wasn’t a problem. I looked at him rather perplexedly for a moment and then started to eat.  He asked me if it was a problem, and I replied that there were quite a few files that I didn’t have backed up for Liberty Girls and whatnot.  The damage was mainly hours of typing on my part, and no hard copies to reconstruct what I had come up with.  Well, I guess I have a few hard copies.  He is asking my brother-in-law to look at it.  I hope he can get things off of our hard drive.  Right now we are using the “kids computer” which we had in storage for quite a while now.  Now I have my own page with a password so the little monsters sweet angels I call my children can’t get into my precious boring and nondescript files.  LOL.  I really only wrote that last sentence because my three oldest are all reading this post over my shoulder.  Out loud.  In monotone.  And giggling.

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A Business Suit

Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

That is the wished for item for one of my June Birthday crowd.  Sione’s birthday is the 8th, Tevita’s is the 11th, and Julie’s is the 17th.  I’ll give you a hint….it is not Tevita.   LOL, ok, that wasn’t much of a hint.  :)  I’ll give you another hint….the wisher is not male.  Yup!  I asked Julie what she wanted for her birthday, and her response was: “I really want a business suit, other than that I don’t really care.”  Shocker?  It was for Sione.  I can understand why she wants one, though.  She has given a speech at the Focus on the Founders event, and has attended even when she hasn’t.  A “business suit” would be perfect for that.  She has also gone to Constitutional Convention Simulation this year, where one would have been very beneficial in the comfort department, and plans on going again every year until she is 18, I bet.  Also, if we join up for a homeschooling mock trial team next spring it will again be a handy item to own.  She is looking at what she wants to participate in and the attire that would be included as part of that.  When I explained this to Sione he understood, and was no longer worried about the sanity of his almost 12 year old daughter.  😉 

Her cousin Tianna is away on a tour of Europe right now.  They have this tour through George Wythe College every 2 years.  I am going to find out what their policy is on babies, because I am not going to put off having a baby when it is time because I can’t go to Europe if I do.  I will just have to wait if that is the case.  However, Julie and possibly Tarina won’t have to wait.  My SIL will be going in 2 years with Tianna again, and possibly with her daughter Kalea.  Julie is already working to save up the money to go.  I have been brainstorming on things that the three (hopefully) of us can do to raise the money for the trip.  It will be a heafty chunk of change, but I think it can be done, and what an amazing experience that would be.

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