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My Cub Scout

Friday, May 25th, 2007

Collin has been in scouts for almost a month now, and it has been pretty fun to see how excited he is about it.  I have officially been pinned at our first pack meeting when he got his bobcat.  We are now working on his wolf, and it has been rather enjoyable, I must say.  He is currently keeping track of two different charts.  One is his hygene chart, and the other is a chore chart.  The hygene chart is a two week chart, and he is more than half way through it.  The chore chart is a month long chart and we just started it Wednesday.  Hmmmm I wonder if we really keep on top of things if he could have his wolf earned by the time the chore chart is done.

His first pine wood derby is going to be in June.  He and his dad have started to plan the design.  I want to go to the scout shop and see what helper kits they might have.  I understand there is one with the right weights, etc, if your car is too light or whatnot.  I really don’t know that much.  I’m going to let Sione take the lead with this one.  Collin wants it to look like a mix of plane and car, though.  That much I do know.  We’ll see how it turns out.  My biggest hope is that he doesn’t get outraced in his first race.  That can’t be fun for the boy who only gets to be in one official race.  Sione and I really want it to be Collin’s car as much as possible, though.  Not Sione’s car incognito.  LOL

We are going to Logan to spend the weekend camping in my SIL’s yard.  I am really looking forward to it.  It will be nice to just go spend time with family and relax.  Even though there is a certain amount of work and cleaning involved, it won’t be my house!  LOL!

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Friday, May 18th, 2007

I know I haven’t posted much lately.  I just feel like I hardly have time to be on-line right now.  So, here is a quick (I hope) update on things here.

Home:  No lookers yet.  We have decided to go down a bit on our asking price, and we are having an open house tomorrow.  We don’t really expect anything from the open house, but hey, it will mean left over cookies for me to munch.  We have been working at maintaining the house and yard.  I don’t do well with plants.  I kill them.  Not intentionally, mind you, I just am not a good person to put to work in the garden.  As hard as I try to keep them alive they just don’t manage well under my care.  That being said, I am grateful for only having to replace some of the flowers we have put out so far.  I don’t feel like the house will sell really soon.  Right now I am ok with that.  I feel at peace as I think of it being in the Lord’s time.

Work:  Sione felt that after 12 years at the same place of employment it was time to move on.  I felt good about it, and we prayed and felt that it was the right choice.  So he gave his notice.  We are now looking at him possibly starting up another company similar to what he has been doing up in Boise, Idaho.  As Sione puts it, we are about 95% sure we will be moving there.  We prayed, went to the temple, discussed it as a couple, discussed it as a family, and we feel this is were we are supposed to go.  We will be moving within 3 to 6 months if we do go.  It feels so right.  It’s a little hard, too.  To be so far from family and friends will be difficult.  We have such a great support group here.  I know we can visit any time, and there is always letters, e-mail, and phone calls, but I know that it will be hard.  I am also trying to look into what is available for homeschoolers up there.  I’m trying to feel out the homeschool community up there, and particularly trying to figure out the best way to find other TJEd homeschoolers.  I love being a part of American Youth Leadership Institute and all of there groups.  I don’t know how I’ll do it, if I feel I need to start up something similar up there.  I hope there are some similar groups already in place.

Hair:  I finally cut Sione and the boy’s hair again.  They needed it.  Tevita had a particularly long interval between cuts this time.  Cute curls don’t really inspire me to get out the scissors, KWIM?  I also got my hair cut.  I was having nightmares about my hair.  It was time.  I have a little longer than jaw-line soft A-line that is stacked in the back.  And I asked her how to style it, since I really don’t know much about styling hair in anything other than a braid, ponytail, barrette, or just straight.  I have now successfully styled it twice!  Woohoo!

Books:  I have recently read The Hiding Place by Corrie TenBoom….again.  Ah, I love that book.  As someone else recently said, that book shows a family with an EXCELLENT Core Phase.  It is a beautiful book.  Definitely a Healing Story.  I have also read the Lamb versions of Twelfth night or As You Will, and King Lear.   I am about to start reading the original version of both of those in preparation for taking my family down to the Shakespearean Festival in July.  I am debating between starting People of the Sparks (sequel to City of Ember) or the Lord of the Rings trilogy with my family.  We have been just keeping up with the children’s book group we were doing and the biographies for Knights of Freedom.  Now both of those are done, and I feel a little more freedom to pick books because we choose them, not because of a deadline for something.  We have told the girls we will take them to Les Miserables in June if they will read an abridged version of the book.  They said they would, and I am going to pick up the unabridged version to start reading again in preparation for it as well.  Oh, and for my book group we are going to be discussing The Peacegiver in June, so I will need to get my hands on that.

Well, that’s all I can think of right now.

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Wii are having some fun!

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

My sister Ginger’s husband Marcio happened upon a Wii at Walmart.  They have one that he gave her for her birthday recently, and he thought he would auction it on e-bay.  He decided to offer it to us at cost instead, and we have had it for just over a week now.  The Wii is so much fun!  We have mainly been playing the sports on there, and it has been great.  Then Ginger lent us her wii remote and numchuck while we took it up to my SIL’s over the weekend.  Now I am certain we will be getting more for us to have around.  Being able to play pairs tennis and to have a few “boxing matches” has been an absolute hoot!  Collin was beating all of his older (and much larger in real life) cousins and uncles.  He runs in place while he is punching his arms into the air, too.  And he runs across the room to chase after the balls in tennis.  We laugh so hard watching.  We get a pretty good work out playing, too.

We haven’t had anyone else come through our home yet.  I’m trying to get a few last things done, and maintain of course.  Maintain, maintain, maintain.  I think I would like to just move out for a while so it would just stay ready to show all of the time.  Oh well.  It’s not so bad right now.

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On The Market!

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

I know I haven’t said anything here, but we have been working on getting our house ready to sell.  we feel it’s time to move, and I’m hoping it won’t take a long time….I would like it to under contract in a week…..but then who doesn’t, right?  Here is the link to our info.  It looks pretty good, I think.  Hopefully other people will, too, and we will have a buyer. We actually had someone come through yesterday, even.

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