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6 Staples

Sunday, April 22nd, 2007

Or maybe 7. That’s how many of those metal little things are currently residing in my son’s scalp right now. Collin was jumping on the trampoline with Julie when they bumped into each other and he landed with his head hitting the bar. It was bleeding pretty badly. Julie came running in and calling for me to come take care of him. I ran downstairs and got him to the sink so I could try cleaning him up to see better. I asked for a washcloth and Tarina brought me my last perfectly white washcloth…of course. lol. I got all of the hair out of the cut to help stop the bleeding and told Sione to get the car ready to go because it was obvious that he needed to go to the hospital. It was big and gaping. Well, bigger than what I had been expecting. He is fine and was even laughing while playing peek-a-boo with Losahina on the way to the hospital. We were able to stop the bleeding before we got to the hospital as well, so all in all it went pretty well. He was pretty upset about getting stapled, even though he admits it didn’t hurt. I can understand. It would scare me, too. I get to take him back in to get the staples removed on Friday. Thankfully. I want to cut his hair before his baptism/birthday on Saturday and I can’t do it with the staples in. Friday is turning out to be quite a day, though. I have a planning meeting for the Liberty Girls Event in the morning, the photographer is coming over in the afternoon to take pictures for the virtual tour of our home so it can go up on the market on Saturday, and our Liberty Girl Family Night is that night. And now I need to get Collin in to the hospital for staple removal and get his hair cut. I’m not quite sure how I’ll wing that since for the more urgent act of putting the staples in it took about 2 and 1/2 hours. Who knows how long it will take for them to take them out. While we were there I spoke briefly with a mom who was there with her son who appeared to be about 11 years old. He also had a trampoline injury. He had fallen on his back and his kidneys were bleeding. Last year he had broken his arm while playing on the trampoline. They are getting rid of theirs. I have to admit if it were only up to me ours would be going, too.

*sigh* What a day.

Stand for Something.

Teeth and Yeast

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

My poor baby has both.  She has two teeth in now, and two more working their way through.  She also has thrush.  Grrrr!  The poor thing.  And she is being such a sweetie through it all.  I just can’t get over what a sweetie she is.  How did I get her?  I don’t know, but THANK YOU!

Stand for Something.