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Usborne Books

Monday, January 29th, 2007

Well, I did it!  I signed up to be an Usborne Books consultant.  It was such a great deal this month, and other than an initial sales minimum of $85 in the first 3 months there aren’t any yearly minimum sales requirements.  :)  And it’s BOOKS!  Gotta love it! When I first saw the books that Usborne has I started drooling.  Well, not literally, but mentally I was.  They have some science books that look simply fabulous.  There are so many princess and fairy books, too.  They just have such a great variety of great books.  And as books are such a weakness of mine.  But as a good friend of mine states “I think of buying books like I do buying groceries.  Food is required for body and soul.”  I like to keep that in mind and think of how I am purchasing groceries for my family’s minds.

Aaahhh!  I just want to giggle when I think of all the books that are right now on their way to my home!  heeheehee.

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Where’s My Calgon?!?!

Saturday, January 27th, 2007

The past week has been a little crazy…..OK, so a little more than crazy…for me, at least.  Sione needed to go out of town overnight for work, and I have to admit I prefer when he is home.  I don’t know why.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I love him, miss him when he’s gone, and all of that kissy kissy icky stuff.  So Wednesday I had Liberty Girls, and T-Bone was just ON ONE!  He would whine and cry for me if I left the room he was in.  He was wanting me to hold him ALL OF THE TIME!  That’s kinda hard to do when you have a 6 month old who is hungry, and 12 girls in the house who you are trying to help make hula skirts and teach a hula dance to.  When Liberty Girls was over and everyone had left to go home I started trying to do some mom time with Collin.  I figured Tevita must have gotten busy playing, because I didn’t hear him crying/whining.  Then I heard Julie getting after him.  He had taken the Sharpie and colored on my walls….AGAIN!!!!  Grrrr.  Oh, he had also decided to do that with crayon in the middle of Liberty Girls.  So I took the marker away, got after him and got back to mom time.  Dinner time rolls around, and as I am making dinner I am struggling to get the kids to listen and help get the house picked up and the table cleared and set.  Normally they are not as deaf as they were this night.  So I get dinner done, and I set it to warm and tell my children that when the table is cleared and set we can eat.  I go up to my library and sit staring out the window willing my husband to turn the corner and be home already.  Finally the table is ready, Sione still isn’t home, and I go down to eat.  We say the blessing on the food and Sione opens the front door and walks in.  Hallelujah!  We eat dinner and go upstairs to watch American Idol (yes, I admit it.  We like to watch it).  I’m starting to relax with my husband feeling like the difficulties are past now that my knight in shining armour has arrived.  Then I go downstairs.  I like chocolate.  I love hot chocolate on snowy and rainy days particularly.  We buy our Nesquik from Sam’s Club in large containers.  Our large container of Nesquik had been dumped out on my kitchen floor and had been played in.  There was some that ended up on chairs and our table. I send the young culprit up to get a bath with Tarina supervising him the entire time (I pictured flooding at this point if he was unsupervised.  I didn’t know if either of us would live through that).  Once I had finished cleaning up the kitchen he was done with his bath and Tarina had come downstairs.  She walked over to go into our guest bathroom and discovered a pile of hand soap on the linoleum (thankfully it wasn’t the carpet).  At least he is a 2 year old who wants to be clean.  right?  Come on, I’m looking for a silver lining here!  All I could think was how badly I wanted to find an off switch for him right then.  We got him to sleep, and I thought it was over.  I planned on spending more one on one time with him Thursday and hopefully that would be the end of it.  Thursday I made sure to spend mom time with him cuddling and reading.  We finish mom time with him and I start mom time with Alena.  I have not been focused on him for 10 minutes and he somehow knocks down my Ladies of Many Lands and breaks my Maori lady!  Now these ladies are very special to me.  They were given to me by my mom and my aunts after my grandparents died.  I remember them hanging on her wall when we would go over to visit, and I was always fascinated with them.  Now they remind me of my grandparents and the warm feeling that I associate with my Grandma Woodmansee as she would make everyone feel loved and welcome.  When I called Sione to tell him he asked if Tevita was still alive.  For anyone wondering the same thing the answer is yes.  Last night I took some time to play ball with him and laugh and cuddle some more.  Today he has colored on the walls….AGAIN! and poured 2-3 cups of Orange Juice on the kitchen table.  *sigh*  I’m trying to make sure I spend time with him, but I do need to take care of the other children too.  I also need to make meals and do some cleaning.  Granted it is cute to see Alena dress up as Cinderella so she can do her chores.  And promptly go change again once she is done.

To sum up this week, though?  CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!

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Josh Groban

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

I admit it.  I love to listen to him sing.  Alena does also.  We downloaded a couple of his songs onto our computer a while ago, and Alena would ask me to play his song You Raise Me Up over and over again.  And I didn’t mind doing it.  In our van we can listen to the radio.  We don’t have CD or tape playing abilities since our tape player broke about 4 yrs ago.  Alena likes to ask me semi-frequently to put in You Raise Me Up while we are traveling somewhere in our van.  I think it’s funny that each time seems to come as a surprise to her that I can’t do that.  I thought of getting her his CD for her birthday, but didn’t do it.  I know she would have loved it, but I decided against it this year.  It is very fun to listen to her singing along in her little voice, though.  “You raise me up so I can stand on mountains…..”

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Monday, January 22nd, 2007

I think that January decided to make sure we KNEW it was winter.  December was a little easy on us and January must have felt it’s job was to put us in line.  It has been SO cold!  It has been very frustrating to be driving down the road, get dirty slush flicked on my windshield and I can’t wash it off.  Thats right, the windshield wiper fluid is frozen!  And if it isn’t it might as well be.  I push the button and what happens?  If anything comes out it just freezes on the windshield.  Thus all my wipers are doing is attempting to scrape ice, not wash dirt.  Well, January is almost over.  Maybe February will be nicer.  It is the month with the most heart, right?  Ok ok, I know that was way too cheesy.

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A Sweet Letter

Friday, January 19th, 2007

This is from a letter my great-great-great grandfather (my mormormorfars far :) ) Ola Anderson wrote to his wife while he was away working in a mine. I thought it was sweet and I like to think of how they loved and laughed and cried just as we do now. Reading their words makes them more real to me than they are otherwise.

“My Dear Wife,

“I received your lovely letter on the 25th of this month. It sounds good to me that you are all well, and thank God I am also in good health. I never receive your letters but that it makes me happy all over, and you my love will see your 40th year this summer. I’m glad you are able to write to me my sweet little wife, and it pleases me you can do this. If it hadn’t been for that I wouldn’t be here now. I thank the Lord we are as we are, and that our ship will soon come to anchor…My heart bleeds as I read of your prayers for me, and that I have been unable to do all the things I have wanted to do for you. My dear your tearful eyes are before me, and I feel you heart beating against mine, as I’d dreamed of being by your side at all times…Yes my dear little friend, I do hear your prayers in sorrow because I cannot fulfill them for the present…I have longed to see you as much as you have longed to see me…But an unseen power will lead all things to the best…I can assure you with both life and spirit the promises I made are not forgotten…I came here with the idea of making more money so I could buy a farm,…and live a life independent of others, in love and harmony with you my dear wife. That is my hope and intention, and God helping me in this great endeavor, that is my prayer, and yours my little friend…In regard to the company I am keeping, they are as good as you can expect in a place like this. My partner is a wise and good worker and an honest man, and he is Danish. Now my dear, I have very good hope about my brick kiln, but we have had so many snow storms I have been unable to do any work on that line, but I will let you know from time to time. God keep and give you strength my dear, is the prayer of your husband unto death.

“O. Anderson

“Love to my lovely and dear children from their tender and always well thinking father.”

He immigrated from Sweden after becoming a member of the church. I think of the courage that must have taken, along with the strength and determination, and I am grateful for the heritage I have been given. It makes me wonder what I am doing to pass on that heritage.

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Shampoo Head

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

For a boy who hates for me to wash his hair Tevita sure has been making me wash his hair a lot lately.  Twice within the last 24 hours, even.  He loves to get into the empty tub (in his clothes, mind you) and administer the kids shampoo to the top of his curly head.  He then gets out, and goes about his day.  I notice particularly stiff curls that have more of that darker, wettish quality to them and I know immediately what has transpired.  *sigh*  Now other than the obvious desire to have a bottle of shampoo last longer than a week, and to not have to worry about washing his hair before we leave….when time is already short, today he has added a new factor to my sighing.  While I was working on a presentation and Losahina was (I thought) being watched by older siblings Tevita decided that it wasn’t enough to shampoo his head.  Oh, no.  Losahina needed to have stiff yucky shampoo curls as well.  He just loves her so much he doesn’t want her to miss out on the fun of shampoo head, I guess.  ;)  You’ve just got to love toddlers.

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I Love Mom Time

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

Yesterday when it was time for Princess Ali’s Mom Time I thought she might just want to color.  I thought I would let her choose Mom Time, or I would let her color while Collin had his Mom Time, and then she would get hers.

Me: “So Alena, would you like to color or have Mom Time now?”

Alena: “Mom Time!  I love Mom Time!  It’s so much fun!”

Me: “Yeah, I love Mom Time, too.”

Now, it isn’t that the only time my children get alone with me is during their Mom Time.  I do have individual time with the kids at other times during the day.  I know that this is when they know they are my number-one-nobody-interrupt-us priority during Mom Time.  I admit that probably adds a big part to why my children all love their Mom Time.  I also think it is great that they love learning, too.  They really enjoy Kidschool time also.  We all have fun learning things together.  But I do agree that Mom Time is something I love, too.  I love being able to cuddle up, with a child and their work.  To spend gentle moments (usually) with my children explaining, guiding, asking, affirming.  And I love hearing that they love it, too.

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Swimming Sadness

Wednesday, January 17th, 2007

My oldest two took swimming in November.  They loved it.  I didn’t have them take it in December because I knew that December is already a crazy month.  I didn’t get them signed up for Swimming in January at the end of November because I was also signing up Collin and Alena and that is a little chunk of change to sign up 4 children for swimming, especially right before Christmas.  Monday I went to sign them up.  The day before class was supposed to have started, which is the last day you are supposed to be able to.  I went during the hours they are supposed to be open, but they weren’t.  So, hoping that they would still let us sign up on the first day of class I got the children ready and took them over there early so I could talk them into letting us register.  I made sure to tell me kids that they might not be allowed to be in the classes this month.  I thought I might be told I had to register them no later than the day before, but I had tried.  Imagine my surprise when the problem came to be that the class was full!  In January!  Their slowest time of year, usually.  So I would not have been able to sign them up Monday, either.  I thought we were safe regarding class size.  :(  So I signed them up then for February.  We were all dissappointed that they couldn’t get in.  I felt so bad, Alena cried, and Julie got grumpy for a little bit.  I did let them know that they are signed up for next month already.  No worries about that now, at least.  Maybe we will have to try planning some family pool time.  Maybe I can look into getting a swimsuit so we can go swimming as a family.  When do they even start selling them in the stores?  I wonder if they are out now, since Christmas is over.  Of course the one I want is available all of the time.  Hmmmmm I’ll have to think about that.  The price tag is a little intimidating.

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And We’re Off!

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

Sione and I have officially begun our weightloss competition.  I don’t seem to get the willpower I need to do it on my own, so this will be good motivation for me. It is just too easy for me to think “Hmmm, a chocolate sounds really yummy, and we have some sitting on the counter.  One chocolate isn’t bad.”  Of course the one chocolate turns into two usually.  And I really like to eat popcorn with my chocolate.  I learned that at the movies.  I also think things like “It’s too cold to go running right now.  And I don’t have the treadmill set up either.  I’ll work on going through the clothes so I have space to set up the treadmill….this afternoon…..maybe.”  I still need to finish going through the clothes.  Maybe the fact that I will go walking in this cold will encourage me to get through the clothes so I can use the treadmill in my nice climate controlled home.  Of course it helps to have people expecting you to be someplace.  I’m counting on that as well.  lol.

Of course its not just about losing weight.  Its about being healthier.  When I am healthy I can think more clearly, accomplish more in my day, and I have a happier and more optimistic outlook.  And I have more energy.  That sounds very nice.  Very nice indeed

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My Brain

Monday, January 15th, 2007

My sieve brain has been not working quite right lately. For some reason normally obvious thoughts will completely pass me by, and my mental calendar is failing miserably. Part of that is due to not having fully implimented new calendars for the new year. I think my frustration/humiliation factor has risen sufficiently to encourage me to get on that.

The past few weeks I have had experiences where I will do something and when I talk to Sione about it he will say “Why didn’t you just do…..?” and I feel like smacking my forhead. Why didn’t I? Really! I don’t know why I didn’t even think of these things. Then to add to that I have had a few appointment type things collide and it was my fault. Again with the desire to smack my forhead.

The only thing I can say in my defense is that being better at remembering things was not on my resolution list! *wry grin*

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