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12 Years

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

This last weekend my sweet husband and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary.  We dropped off our older five at my sister’s house to spend the night.  We then went to the store for some snacks and then went to the Anniversary Inn to check in.  Well, apparently they have a policy which we were unaware of that does not allow children.  The young blonde receptionist that was helping us was very nice, but the older lady who was helping another couple check in stopped helping them to start hounding us.  It started out with her telling us that it was their policy that children were not allowed.  Our receptionist asked if I was breastfeeding, and I replied that I was.  She then turned to the other receptionist and told her that it was ok then.  The older lady then said that it was policy that children were not allowed so if any of the other patrons complained, even if it was the middle of the night, we would have to leave without a refund.  Because it was their policy.  Did we reserve on-line?  Yes.  Well, it is in their policy that children are not allowed.  It’s their policy.  It is their policy….She actually said it even more than that.  We kept saying ok.  The other receptionist had told her (and us) that since I was breastfeeding it was ok.  She had informed us that we took the chance of having to leave in the middle of the night without a refund if anyone heard her cry and complained (She hardly *ever* gets upset enough to cry).  Finally after yet another “It’s our policy” I simply said “thank you” instead of ok.  She started to take another breathe to say something more (I’m sure something more about their policy) then stopped, turned back to the couple she had left standing there for the past few minutes, and started to help them again.  She never let out more than a few small squeeks, and nobody apparantly complained.

On a better note, we had a wonderful time.  We talked, ate, watched a movie, and all in all thoroughly enjoyed spending time together without children climbing over us and interrupting our conversations.  I love celebrating anniversaries.  We come back feeling closer again, and as a result it strengthens our family.

He still makes me smile, laugh, and can send tingles down my spine.  Ah, what can I say?  I’m still in love after 12 years.

Princess Ratings

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006

Sarah rated the Disney Princesses in a fabulous and charming way. I would love to tell you the winner and the loser of her rating system (both of which I agree with) but then you wouldn’t have the fun of reading it yourself. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. :)


Monday, August 21st, 2006

My ward had a luau this last Friday. The sweet lady in charge asked Sione and I to bring something “authentic” to share for the meal. I thought of lupulu, a corned beef with coconut milk wrapped in spinach leaves (at least I use spinach leaves), but decided that otai would be a better choice. Otai is a Tongan drink that is made up of watermelon, coconut, milk, and just a bit of sugar. You cut and smash the watermelon up as much as you can. This leaves a lot of watermelon juice and some chunks. Add some milk, shredded coconut, and a little sugar to taste. Most people add pineapple, but I prefer not to, and I didn’t have any in there Friday. Otai is so yummy! I was nervous that I wasn’t going to be bringing enough….Ha! Very few people even tried it! Which is the reason there was so much left over, IMO. If they had tried it, most of them would have liked it, I think.  I kept seeing people looking at it with these funny expressions on their faces. Apparently the chunkiness of the drink was quite a deterent. LOL. My daughter even informed me that the young men were standing around it at one point daring each other to try some! And none of them would! I wonder if the lupulu would have gotten a better response or not. What about curry, or chop suey? 😛 I think it is so funny! We have been thoroughly enjoying finishing off all of the yummy otai here at my house, and it is a relatively guilt free treat, too. Those who did know what it was told me how much they were enjoying it, so that was nice. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand being a little unsure of trying new food. I have some family members who have been very hesitant to try polynesian food, as well. The otai has always been a hit, though, so it surprised me that so few people would even try it. Well, their loss, and our gain. Mmmmmmm, I think I will go have another cup. heehee.

Book Shopping

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

Have I mentioned before how much I love books? I didn’t think so. Well, I do. I have been on a little bit of a high since we bought some books Monday night. 😛 We purchased The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia (which I am very excited about. It looks great so far), Oliver Twist, Robinson Crusoe, Chauser’s The Canterbury Tales, and Keystones of Democracy which is one book that has John Locke’s The Second Treatise of Government, Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s The Social Contract, and Thomas Paine’s Rights of Man. Then I have been getting some books to give to my children as a back to ‘school’ present (I want this to be a yearly tradition, and this is the second year I have done it). For Julie I have a jumbo Sudoku book, Julie of the Wolves, and Anne of the Island. For Tarina I have The City of Ember and Princess Academy. Collin will be receiving American Tall Tales and The Great Big Fire Engine Book. Alena will get The Little Red Hen and The Friendly Book, while Tevita will get Scuffy the Tugboat and The Poky Little Puppy. I am very excited about all of these books. 😀

While we were at the book store I had Losahina in my sling and Sione and I were wandering around browsing the discount section. He had gone over an aisle and while I was perusing a section on art I heard my daughter start making the distinct sound of regurgitation. I quickly glanced around helplessly as I realized I should have brought in her receiving blanket after all. The only thing I had was the sling that she was strapped to me in, which did include a tail that might be of some assistance. I decided to just try to catch it between the two of us. Out some of her last meal came, and I thought “Well, I guess it’s time to go.” Then I heard the sounds again, and I thought “Oh, no. More? I don’t know how much we can hold between us.” As she threw up more of her last meal (and possibly the previous meal or two as well by the looks of it) I started to envision baby puke dripping out of the bottom of the sling while I stand in the middle of a book store. Not what I was hoping for that night. Thankfully that was not the result, and I quickly went looking for my dear husband to let him know that it was time to pay for our selections and go. We got out to the car and I cleaned her off, however it was not wanting to come so well off of me. On the way home my husband and I made up new words to the song “You get a line, I’ll get a pole” which went something like this:

She’ll get a bath, and I’ll take a shower honey. She’ll get a bath, I’ll take a shower babe. She’ll get a bath, I’ll take a shower. We’ll both start smelling like a flower. Honey, oh Baby mine.

Waddya think? I know, I know, it really is amazing, isn’t it? Sorry I have to break the news to you that we will not be making a CD for distribution. I know it must be disappointing, but we really are too busy for a music career. 😉


Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

There I was, floating serenely in the water. I lay there on the inflated recliner sipping my lemonade through a straw as I hold the little paper umbrella out of the way. Every now and then I might have a wave rock me a little more than I would have liked, but all in all I was having an enjoyably smooth time. Suddenly the waves hit one right after the other, not any one being that big, but put together they succeeded in toppling me over into the water. Now I am gasping for breath as I struggle to get my feet under me and stand.

That is how I feel my life has been going the past little bit. I was pretty well on top of everything. I had a few things pop up now and then that were surprises I felt I could have done without. Overall, things were still going just fine. Suddenly this week I have felt as though so much has rolled into my lap that I am just trying to frantically organize my time and priorities to get everything accomplished. Not any one thing has been something so big that it would bother me at all on it’s own, it is simply the amount and importance/urgency that they have combined.

Now that I have had my little vent it’s time to buckle down and stop panicking while I recite Luke 1:37 like a mantra in mind. :)


Monday, August 14th, 2006

I was just remembering watching my parents occasionally playing backgammon together. It was often done on their bed (their bedroom was frequently a gathering place for my family when I was growing up….still is) with a very nice backgammon set they must have received as a gift at some time. To me playing backgammon must have been as common as people playing chess (which I believed must have been pretty common). I loved to sit and watch them play, and as I got older playing sometimes myself. It is a game that all of my siblings love as well. This last Christmas my brother Donald gave me (and some of my other siblings) a backgammon set that was similar to my parent’s. I was so excited about it, and have loved teaching my children and playing with them. I always was better at backgammon than at chess. I played it more, which I am sure has something to do with it. It is such a nostalgic game for me. I love remembering that warm togetherness feeling that those memories bring to me. Isn’t it funny what can do that? Something as simple as a game can give you such warm fuzzies. I’m grateful for backgammon and the warm fuzzies it brings into my life….hopefully I am creating an environment of warm fuzzy memories for my own children.

Midwife, Dentist, and more

Friday, August 11th, 2006

Yesterday morning was my last midwife apointment for this pregnancy and birth.  It is always a bittersweet moment.  I am thrilled to have my sweet baby here with us, and I have a birth to look back on and think about.  I no longer have the no sugar stress, now it is completely voluntary (not that it wasn’t before, really, but now I don’t have a pregnancy worry about whether the smallest thing I eat will affect the baby).  On the other hand I have also gone through an amazing experience with this wonderful woman, and I will not be seeing her for a while.  I know that I will see her again, but it will not be very soon, or very regularly.  At least not until we have number 7 on the way.  I am so grateful to you Suzanne, And to you Holly for everything you did for Losahina and myself.  I can’t even express in words how grateful I am to you.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you a million times over.  I know I have been blessed because you were there.

Yesterday we also went to the dentist.  Julie and Alena both needed to have a little work done.  This was the first time at this dentist’s office that Tevita did not need to be seen at all.  He was smiling at everyone, including the dentist himself.  Since T-Bone is very stingy with his smiles usually this was a very good sign that he wasn’t traumatized by having his tooth pulled 2 weeks ago.  He was hopping all around the office.  He would stick his head in and look at what was going on, maybe even hopping into that area a little before I would call him back to watch the movie they had on or play the Mario Brothers game thingy (I don’t know brand names, and really am ok with that).  He was just fine, and I am so grateful for that.

I have been thinking somewhat about how I would like a treadmill.  It would be very nice to run when Losahina and my schedule will let me.  Since that will probably change frequently I think it would also be nice to do that running in my home where I can get off when needed, without having to wait for Sione to be home to watch the children.  When my sister Ginger got a treadmill I had an opportunity to check it out when I was over at her home.  I started thinking that yes, it would be very nice indeed.  Still, a chunk of change, too.  Then at my niece’s yard sale that she was having to raise money to go to Europe with a group of homeschoolers as part of her Scholar Phase studies, I saw a treadmill.  It was nothing fancy, one without a motor that is strictly powered by your own muscle and effort.  My Father-in-law bought it for $10, and we brought it home.  I hadn’t tried it out there because I was in a dress and heels, so I tried it for the first time at home.  It stops right in the middle of a step without warning.  I tried it walking and running, and both times I would be going along and it would suddenly stop.  Sione tried it and ended up twisting his ankle because of the sudden stop.  So My Father-in-law decided he got enough of a work out just from the time when he started walking and when it did it’s stop, so he took it downstairs to his apartment.  The idea of a treadmill reached into my husband’s mind, though, and now we may actually get one that will work for us.  :)  I am pretty excited about that prospect, I must admit.

The Chosen

Thursday, August 10th, 2006

I need to reread this classic by Chaim Potok. Sione just finished listening to it on tape, and we discussed it a little bit. He found it fascinating how much these young men studied. We talked a little about that and how that is what a scholar phase should look like. He thought it was neat that Rueben could lecture for 4 days about one verse of scripture. As he brought things up from the book I found myself getting excited about it again. I need to finish The Culprit and The Cure, which is my current ‘Personal reading’ book, first. Speaking of which, I will let you know more about that when I have finished it.

My Belle

Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

Alena brought her Belle dress to me for mending today.

“Sew it right now, Mommy, K?”


After I was done I helped her put it on. A few minutes later I saw that she had taken it off.

Me: “Alena, don’t you want to wear your Belle dress?”

Alena: “I want to wear it to Disneyland.”

Me: “It will be a while before we go to Disneyland again. You can wear it now, though.”

Alena: “I want to wear it to Disneyland.”

Me: “You can wear it any time you want and still wear it to Disneyland the next time we go.”

Alena: “I want to wear it to Disneyland.”

At this point I just said OK and dropped it. A little later she came in again.

Alena: “Mommy, Is my Belle dress clean?”

Me: “Yes.”

Alena: “Good, ‘cuz I want it clean to wear to Disneyland.”

I wonder when she thinks we are going. I really feel bad about forgetting to pack it for the Disneyland trip now. I felt bad before, but it wasn’t until we got home that she remembered that she had wanted to wear it there. At least it doesn’t seem to be as traumatic for her as not getting a picture with the Beast. She has stated many times in tears: “The Beast wanted to take a picture with me. He was looking for me so he could take a picture with me, but Mom made us go back to the hotel. The Beast wanted a picture with me, but Mom didn’t let us!” We’ll see when she lets go of these…..I wonder if it will take another trip to Disneyland. LOL

Young Writer’s Club

Friday, August 4th, 2006

Marie is offering this club and today was the first meeting.  Julie had a great time, and was so excited to share her poem with me, as well as some funny parts of the other kids poem’s.  I am really glad that she is going to this group.  She loves to write and I don’t think I have been helping her work on it like I should.  Hopefully this will help to get me a little more on the ball.  :)

Here’s her poem (They were supposed to write about a color):

I am white.

I am fluffy white clouds floating in the sky.

I am paper with words on me.

I am a daisy bending and waving in the wind.

I am piano keys making beautiful music.

I am white, I am white, I am white.

~Julie age 11~