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Saturday’s Warriors Power

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

Last night Saturday’s Warriors was on our PBS station, and my husband left it on for our viewing enjoyment. I was in and out of the room, and so were some of the kids. At the end when the mom has an unplanned homebirth I was talking to Tevita about the baby and kind of gaging his reaction a little since the mom does do a little yelling. I hadn’t thought any other children were in the room, but as it ended and the credits started to roll my desk chair turned and Alena popped up. “They have a baby now!” Then with the tears beginning “They have a baby now!!” And she began to sob uncontrollably as she ran into my arms. She was so happy that they had a baby now that she cried for about 5 or 10 minutes.

Last time we caught this movie on TV almost the same thing happened. She didn’t really say anything about the baby other than she hadn’t been scared by the sounds the mom made (I had asked her that because of the extent of the reaction she seems to get at the end of this movie). All she said over and over the first time was “I like that movie! I really like that movie!” As she sobbed and sobbed for at least half an hour.

My husband has decided that Saturday’s Warriors will no longer be a show we watch, lol. I have to admit it is pretty darn sweet, in my completely biased opinion, that she finds it SO wonderful that they have a baby.

On another vein regarding this movie, and particularly the end, Sione and I discussed the birth portrayed in it. With me due in a week he was teasing me about that scene coming to our home soon. I laughed and told him I would try to remember to growl at him that he “did this to me” and that we would definitely have the similarity of the blinding white legs going on. He responded that he would simply reply “Yes, I did,” if I could remember. I think it would be quite funny, so I will see how well I can remember such a silly little thing as that.

A Dream

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

Last night I had a dream about my birth.  I was dreaming that I was getting my home ready for our baby to come and join us, and no one was helping me.  Everyone else was busy doing some other big project.  I went into labor and had the baby so fast that I couldn’t even call my husband or midwife.  It was a boy and I went to show him to Sione and my friends and family.  Everyone smiled and said how cute he was and then went back to their big project, even my husband.  Then I had people start telling me to help out and pick up these heavy items to help move them.  I tried telling them I wasn’t supposed to lift anything heavier than the baby and I was told “It not that heavy, come on and help!”  I awoke feeling rather disgruntled.  Thank heavens it was only a dream!!!

The Show

Wednesday, June 14th, 2006

My oldest three children are in a production called Six Tribes One Vibe about the Polynesian Islands. It is taking place this Friday night, so we are in the last stages of rush and finish. It looks like it will be a fun thing, however right now we are all feeling pulled and tired, lol. Woops! I just looked at the time and we’ve got to run to another practice!

He’s Two!!!

Sunday, June 11th, 2006

Happy Birthday Tevita!  I can hardly believe it has been two years since he was born into this world.  He brings so much joy to my life along with love and laughter to our family.  He has been witnessing quite a few birthday celebrations lately, and been more than willing to help blow out candles.  Some of the candle help might not have been very appreciated.  Today we have been singing the “Happy Birthday” song to him and each time he starts looking around and asking “doh?  doh?” which I believe means where did it go or where is it.  It took me a couple of times but then I figured out from his blowing practice I have witnessed today that he is asking about the cake and candles.  lol.  He knows what’s missing.  I am so grateful for the blessing of having him a part of our family.  I love each one of my children, and I am humbled beyond words when I think of these beautiful precious spirits which have come to my home for me to mother.  I hope I am doing the job that Heavenly Father wants me to do.  I can only keep striving to do and be better with the faith that He knows my weaknesses and struggles, and He will make up for all that I lack.  The most important thing for me to pass on to my children is a knowledge of and love for their Heavely Father and Jesus Christ.  If they have a personal relationship with God, then they will be alright.

Touching the Mountain

Wednesday, June 7th, 2006

Last week Alena (4yo) started talking about how she wanted to “touch the mountain.” Every time we went out for a drive she would point out the mountains (which are next to impossible to miss) and talk about how much she wanted to touch them. I decided it was a good time to go up for a campfire picnic and let her touch her mountain. I told her we would go up Sunday after church. We would have dinner and she could touch her mountain. She seemed unable to stop talking about how she wanted to “touch the mountain and eat up there, too!”

Sunday morning I made some hobo dinners to cook when we got up there. After church while everyone changed their clothes we packed up the van. We went up American Fork canyon and stopped at the first picnic spot we found. We were right next to the creek which was full and fast from spring runoff. It was so nice up there. It sounded beautiful with the sound of the water rushing by and the leaves rustling in the wind overhead. Tevita was fascinated with the water and we had to be rather vigilant in making sure that he didn’t go too near it. I got the fire started in the pit (with one match, mind you, heheheheh) and we roasted hotdogs and cooked our hobo dinners. After everyone was done eating we roasted marshmallows and made s’mores while I cut up a watermelon and ate that with longing looks at the marshmallows and chocolote covered graham crackers.

I guess I kind of rushed us a bit, which I feel bad about, but I was getting nervous with how much T-Bone really wanted to go down to the water, so I had us all put out the fire and Sione took the children over to the steeper part of the mountainside which had some nice large rocks to touch. While they did that I cleaned up our area to get ready to go. When they came back Sione told me how they had climbed up a little ways and how excited Alena had been to do that. We packed everything back in the van and came back home. I could tell that Alena was really happy. She seemed to be on cloud nine. I asked her if she like touching the mountain and she said she liked it and wanted to do it again. :) Her siblings all agreed that we needed to do it more often, in fact Collin said it was “the best vacation to go on….well, next to Disneyland.” lol Sione and I also really enjoyed ourselves, and I hope we do make time for touching mountains a lot more often.