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Julie’s Dress

Thursday, March 23rd, 2006

I have had the fabric cut out to make a dress for Julie for a few months now. I have been rather busy and pre-occupied and have not gotten around to it. This last Sunday the poor girl had to literally squeeze into her dress to go to church. I felt so bad for her. It looked rather uncomfortable. I wish I could find that button to stop children’s growth. Since I have yet to find it I decided that it was time for me to sew the dress. I actually had a few days this week with which to do it as well, thankfully. So today I found the cut out pieces and looked for the instructions…..yup, you guessed it. I could not find the instructions anywhere. Where did they go? I have no idea. I am pretty sure they did not get sucked up by the washer/dryer vortex that likes to take odd pairs of socks and whatnot. I had no choice. The dress must be sewn. I decided to wing it. I will admit to having to do a little unpicking, but all in all it went together really well. She has plenty of growing room, too. I had worried about that, but when I cut it out I remember thinking I would make it a little big and then size it to her. It is a little big, but I think it is close enough that I will just let her grow into it. I think it needs a little embelishment to spice it up a bit, though. Julie is really good at embroidery, and my sister Ginger mentioned that it might be nice for her to do some embroidery herself to make it her own. I really like that idea and am going to see if I can make it work out. I am very grateful that it is done, and looks nice. whew!

Finishing Jane Eyre…again

Monday, March 20th, 2006

I recently finished reading Jane Eyre for the second time. I love this book. I love the eloquence of Charlotte Bronte as she describes emotions, places, people and their faults. I went to a neighborhood book group for this book and I have to admit I was a little dissapointed. I felt like I ended up giving a lecture on why I love this book, instead of discussing it and gaining insights from others. Mainly what I heard was how difficult the language had been to get through and how depressing her life had been. When I would bring up another part I loved I would get comments about how there were parts that were nice and it was a moral book…..but man that language was hard to understand. I just wanted to share with them the amazing beauty of how true the writing was. As she shares with us Jane’s integrity and strength through trials I am inspired to be stronger with my own. I think it is a wonderful tribute to those who avoid temptation, despite the difficulties and hardships they face because of their choices. I could go on, but I already delivered one lecture on it. lol :)


Tuesday, March 7th, 2006

Well, I finally did it. My boys have been needing haircuts for quite a while now, and I have just kept putting it off. My sweet husband has been very patient since I know how long hair on our boys bothers him. He has bad memories of having long hair against his will when he was a little boy. When his parents took his older sister, his younger brother and my husband to the store people would tell them how they had 3 such adorable little girls. His parents loved this and thought it was great. My husband was mortified at being thought a girl. He would rather start giving our baby boys haircuts as soon as they’re born than wait the 1 year that is what I prefer.

I have been thinking they need haircuts pretty badly lately. I finally decided today was the day, and my boys were thrilled. Well, Collin was thrilled. Tevita was simply excited to have me play with his hair and have the same treatment that Collin seemed so happy to receive. They both look so nice with their new cuts. My husband will be pleasantly surprised when he gets home tonight, as well. I wish I had a digital camera….and that I knew how to upload pictures to this blog, lol. I would love to show off my little men.

22 Weeks

Friday, March 3rd, 2006

Well, I went in for my appointment with my midwife yesterday. Baby is doing fine, and the kids had a blast since this was the first time this pregnancy they have been. Before we went they were saying things like “I wonder if Suzanne looks different, since it’s been so long since we saw her,” and “I wonder if I will know what drawer the toys are in, anymore.” Their comments made me smile. When we got there I first have to go in the bathroom and leave a sample (oh, the joy of it all, lol). When I was coming out and starting to walk down the hall Suzanne came out with another one of her clients. She was helping her carry something to the clients car. We waved and said “hi” just as they turned a corner and were hidden from view on their way to the elevator. I found it funny that a few seconds later the lady came back into view and started looking at my children. I wasn’t sure why until she said “I just had to see for myself that there really are other big families out there other than mine.” We all laughed, and I found myself grateful for my support group that I have around me.

During the appointment I found out that I had gained 9 pounds in four weeks! Holy Cow! Talk about sticker shock, lol! Suzanne isn’t concerned but I have decided I need to start eating more nutritiously. Then if I still gain a lot of weight I will at least know that it is healthy weight needed for the pregnancy. I just don’t remember ever gaining that much in one month with any of my other pregnancies before. We also listened to the baby’s heartbeat which was a little high at first (175), but then went down to about 160 right after she finished recording that. The funny part happened when she was first getting it. The heartrate was right next to my tummy pulse and they were getting a little jumbled. Suzanne said “There are two of them in there so I need to move this a little more so I can hear it clearly.” I saw some of my children’s eyes start to get a little big at they were thinking about what she had said. “One of them is me,” I told them. Suzanne quickly interjected “Oh, yes, one of them is your mom. I didn’t mean to make it sound like their might be twins. There is only one baby in there.” I loved it. The kids have been after me about having twins so that the girls can get their sister they want while Collin can still have another brother like he wants. I have been trying to convince them that there is only one baby in there, so this was particularly funny to me.